The Bam It! is a great app for shortcuts to Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Facebook what's app, and email. it lets you share photos and messages at a single click.

You can upload all the social media sites with just one click of a button, Take a photo or use any photos from Photo library and burst it.

We also provided a VIP Contacts in the app which will let you create a customize contact list that you can socialize and share any photos or private messages.

Create a contact list in the VIP blast then upload a photo and send it in just one click

With so many different sharing sites, they can take time to jump on Instagram Facebook Twitter Flickr and so on
So with this amazing app burst it will save you time from logging in logging on to go to different social sites you could just do it all at one time.

We also provided this app in different languages - English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Hebrew, Russia, Japanese, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Korean, Greek, Vietnamese, Polish, Swedish.

Take picture from Camera or Gallery
Zoom In/Zoom Out Picture
Share the picture with a description
Blast the picture to your VIP contacts in one go
Multiple social network sharing